Music – Movements

MOVEMENTS | INSTRUMENTATION Shards and Whispers (Prologue) Psalm 121:1-2 (silent)“In Melody Absorbed” Stanza 1“Violoncello” Stanza 1“A Cello Plays”“In Melody Absorbed” Stanza 2 […]


Lera Auerbach’s “Silent Psalm,” created in symbiosis with her Symphony No. 6 “Vessels of Light,” explores the convergence of mystical Jewish concepts—Shevirat […]

Music – Instrumentation

MOVEMENTS | INSTRUMENTATION vlc-SATB chorus-whisperers-3(I=picc).1.corA.1.bcl.1.dbn-2.2.1.btrbn-timp-perc(3):t.bells/campanelli/marimba/vib/glsp/tam-t/trgl/bird-whistles/waterphone/stones-hp-strings Abbreviations.pdf SCORE Flauto piccoloFlauto grande e Flauto altoOboeCorno ingleseClarinetto in Si-bemolleClarinetto basso in Si-bemolleFagottoContrafagotto Corno I, II […]

Libretto – Yiddish Original

YI | EN | LT.doc | .pdf SHARDS AND WHISPERS (PROLOGUE) Esa einai el heharim, Me’ayin yavo ezri?Ezri me’im Adonai, Oseh shamayim va’aretz. — […]